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12/18/2017 12:00 PM
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Proposals shall conform to the scope of services and technical requirements as set forth herein.  The primary objective of this project is for a low maintenance, environmentally friendly Splash Pad that will be available to children of all abilities and ages. Construction of a splash pad will provide a safe, colorful, and attractive playground facility for the residents and families in the area.

The proposed splash pad will be constructed in Clark Park. The total cost of the splash pad, design, equipment and all construction costs shall be determined based on submitted cost proposals.

 The scope of work includes: The search typically will follow this sequence.

 Develop an Understanding of City of Stockbridge;

  1. Design a splash pad that shall be for use with the City’s Water Supply and consider water conservation in the design and operation. The design shall be of the recirculation type. Installation of a recycle tank with a recirculation system and an UV disinfection system shall be included. The UV disinfection system should be programmed to shut down operations where there is a failure or the bulbs require service. The recycle tank should be plumbed to gravity drain to the sanitary service to accommodate complete draining for repair or winterization. If a gravity drain cannot be accommodated, a sump pump that drains the entire system shall be installed.


  2. The design shall be appropriate for a public park which is open to a wide variety of demographics, use abilities, cultural backgrounds and all age groups.


  3. Structure must be made of vandal resistant materials; components should have weather resistant powder coat color coating or other method to protect from rusting and ultraviolet light.


  4. Flow rates, surface slope, and drainage designed to maximize park safety and water conservation.


  5. All components comply with all industry guidelines for public playgrounds, and offer wheelchair accessibility.


  6. Attention to be given to play surface with preference to a non-slip, long lasting surface.


  7. Indicate the size of the splash pad.


  8. Easy to maintain.


  9. Desirable equipment may include: ground nozzles that spray up unexpectedly, misting components, spray arches, overhead sprayers, water tower, etc.


  10. Identify equipment ratio with a suggested ratio of 2:1, ground to overhead.


  11. The layout shall ensure that there is no over spray beyond the boundaries of the drainage surface.


  12. Indicate future expansion area, and allow for future expansion in design.

     The facility must be enclosed within a decorative security fence.

  13. Start up, activation and shutdown winterization and training of City of Stockbridges' staff to be provided and detailed.
  14.  Two (2) copies of maintenance data and operating instructions required.

  15. Detail all applicable warranties for the splash pad and equipment.
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