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3/8/2018 12:00 PM
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As set forth in this RFP, Proposals shall conform to the scope of services and technical requirements as set forth herein.  


The scope of services required by the City in connection with this request for proposal covers those services customarily provided to government entities by firms in the practice of contracting services for Landscape Maintenance Services. Contractor shall not subcontract any portion of the services to be performed under the contract without the prior written agreement of the City. Contractor shall perform the Scope of Services as outlined in the RFP, which will be integrated into the final contract. The Scope of Services shall not be deemed to be all-inclusive and may be changed from time to time to meet the business needs of the City.


Understand City of Stockbridge Government (Reviewing the City’s existing layout and locations); The following describes the varied tasks that will be necessary to meet the requirements of this Request for Proposal:


The RFP contains the description of services and the frequency of the maintenance of the successful Contractor.


Contractor agrees to furnish all supervision, labor, supplies and materials, tools, transportation, equipment and appurtenances (except as herein after noted) required to provide landscaping services to the City of Stockbridge.   The city reserves the right to add or delete locations as needed. The locations that are a part of this RFP are as follows:


  • City of Stockbridge City Hall, 4640 North Henry Blvd., Stockbridge, GA 30281 - Turf Area 50,000 (sf), Ornamental Bed Areas 18,100 (sf), and Annual Flower Bed Areas 600 (sf)


  • City of Stockbridge City Hall-Fountain Area - Turf Area 10,825 (sf), Ornamental Bed Areas 7,250 (sf), Annual Flower Bed Areas 1,500 (sf)


  • City of Stockbridge Municipal Court, 4602 North Henry Blvd., Stockbridge, GA 30281 – Turf Area 15,000 (sf), Ornamental Bed Area 11,500 (sf), Annual Flower Bed Areas 200 (sf)


  • Merle Manders Conference Center and Admin Bldg., 111 Davis Rd., Stockbridge, GA 30281 – Turf Areas 41,500 (sf), Ornamental Bed Areas 3,200 (sf), Annual Flower Bed Areas 400 (sf)


  • Ted Strickland Community Center, 140 Berry St., Stockbridge, GA 30281 – Turf Area 1,600 (sf), Ornamental Bed Areas 2,700 (sf)


  • Stockbridge/Henry County Police Department Fountain Area – 4545 North Henry Blvd., Stockbridge, GA 30281 - Turf Area XXXXX (sf), Ornamental Bed Areas XXXX0 (sf), Annual Flower Bed Areas 1,500 (sf)


  • Multi-Plex – 146 Burke St., Stockbridge, GA 30281 Turf Area XXXXX (sf), Ornamental Bed Areas XXXX0 (sf), Annual Flower Bed Areas 1,500 (sf)


  • MLK SR Heritage Trail Streetscape (Both Sides) – Love St. to Nolan Street Ornamental Bed Areas XXXX (sf)


  • City of Stockbridge East Atlanta Road Streetscape (Both Sides) – Turf Areas 4,200 (sf), Ornamental Bed Areas 8,700 (sf)


City of Stockbridge North Henry Boulevard Streetscape – Ornamental Bed Areas 3,650 (sf)
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