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U.S. Postal Service eliminates curbside delivery in new subdivisions
Posted on Thursday July 11, 2013

Below is a letter from the U.S. Postal Service that will affect any new subdivisions created in the City of Stockbridge moving forward. This does not affect existing neighborhoods.

The U.S. Postal Service delivers mail right to the front doors of more than 35 million American households and businesses. But door to door postal services are by far the most expensive and labor intensive mode of delivery, according to the beleaguered semi-independent government agency.

Moving forward, all new platted subdivisions will have centralized delivery locations. Gone are the days of curbside delivery and pickup in new residential subdivisions. This centralized delivery method is the same as what you already find in multi-family developments. The Postal Service is trying to save time and money by improving efficiencies in its delivery processes.

Here is the notification letter from the Postal Service...

In April of 2012 the USPS revised regulations to clarify options for delivery and to provide the USPS greater autonomy in determining how deliveries are added to the Postal Service network. While curbline and sidewalk delivery remain viable and approved modes of delivery, the USPS will determine how and when to approve the modes of delivery consistent with existing Postal Operations Manual (POM) regulations regarding in-growth and both establishment and extension of delivery.

As a national agency, the USPS reserves the right to establish delivery in the most consistent and cost effective means viable to meet our federal mandate of providing a free form of service that best meets the need to establish and maintain a safe, reliable and efficient national Postal Service. Virtually all new subdivisions and other developments can more efficiently served by centralized delivery.

The USPS recognizes the interest builders have in controlling site plans, and just as with other public services, the USPS will work to meet the requests and requirements of the builders and local planning administrators.

Delivery will begin in newly developed areas only upon approval from a responsible USPS representative and only to locations and equipment approved by the USPS. Street delivery may be withheld until such time as an approved site location (s) are agreed upon and the required delivery equipment is put in place

Centralized and CBU delivery is now the default mode of delivery in business areas. Any exceptions to centralized or CBU delivery mode in business areas must be approved by the District. (631.2)

For new residential delivery, CBU is now the default. Exceptions to permit curbline delivery must be approved by the District. (631.32)

New deliveries within an existing block with an established mode of delivery no longer assume the existing mode of delivery. We can require a more efficient mode of delivery (sidewalk delivery, for example). (631.41)

While we do not control addresses for buildings, we do control the sequential ordering of addresses within any centralized delivery equipment. (631.442)

If more than one building in a complex has the same street address, the delivery equipment must be grouped at a single location even if some of the units are in a different building. (631.452)

Centralized delivery or CBU is the default option for delivery in mobile homes or trailer parks that are permanent residences. Any exceptions to centralized or CBU delivery mode must be approved by the District (631.462b)

For dormitories and residence halls not directly affiliated with colleges, the Postal Service determines the mode of delivery and can require the property owner to accept mail for all the tenants. We will not distribute mail into centralized delivery equipment. (631.52)

Delivery equipment must conform to the USPS standards for CBUs and high-rise delivery equipment, USPS STD 4C wall mounted mail receptacles. Local offices do not have the authority to approve any other centralized delivery equipment. (631.441)

When obsolete delivery equipment is replaced in multi-unit buildings, it must be replaced with equipment that meets current standards. (632.621)

The USPS standards include options for parcel lockers that we should ensure are provided.

Any questions should be directed to the local Postmaster.

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