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Councilman Elton Alexander

Councilman Elton Alexander is a native Georgian born in Greene County, Georgia, a rural community about 70 miles east of Atlanta near Lake Oconee. He moved to Marietta, GA in the 1980's to attend college. He began his career as a Restaurant Manager before moving into the food safety management field. He started and managed a logistics company from 2004-2013. He currently owns and operates Community Home Services, a property management and maintenance company and has over 25 years of business management experience.

As a father of two, Mr. Alexander moved to Henry County in 2004 after losing his wife in a tragic car accident in 2003. "I chose Henry County because it was the 10th fastest growing county in the nation at that time. I loved the idea of being a part of a developing community that I could play a role in shaping," he says.  With 25 years of management experience in logistics, food safety, and property management , he understands the needs of business; especially small business. Per Elton, "You completely understand business when the money you spend is your own and I will treat the taxpayer’s money as I would my own. When managing a business you understand it starts and ends with good people.  If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers/citizens." 

Mr. Alexander started a grass roots movement called "Because We Care Henry-Atlanta South" promoting the south metro area to bring in jobs and economic development to Stockbridge & Henry County. His site's numbers on Facebook now exceed 13,000 followers and it has reached as many as 170,000 people in one week! He recently launched a new website, receiving great interest from the public not on social media. His plans encompass working with Aerotropolis Atlanta, the South Metro Development Outlook, Stockbridge Downtown Development Authority, and the Henry County Development Authority to bring prosperity to Stockbridge while maintaining its small town charm.

"I have a passion for serving my community and a clear vision for the great future of the City of Stockbridge," he says.

Mr. Alexander's plans also include reestablishing the position of Stockbridge Economic Development Director so the City has a dedicated professional pursuing jobs and economic development every day first and foremost. Stockbridge has tremendous location and prime real estate that must be marketed properly to bring in quality development and jobs. Redeveloping downtown Stockbridge into a modern thriving area with shops, restaurants, town homes, green space and a connected trail network is his vision for the City. Equally important is increased police protection for City streets. He views the current number of officers as insufficient to proactively prevent crime as the challenge grows due to an increasing population "The choice is ours because the estimates for police services are between $3.5 to $4.3 million whether that is Henry County or a new Stockbridge police department.  I advocate for a new Stockbridge Police Department because a city this size needs our own police force for community policing. Together we can make Stockbridge Great!"


     Elton Alexander

    Elton Alexander


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