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Police Department

The City of Stockbridge provides police protection for the community through contractual agreement with the Henry County Police Department. The primary responsibilities of the men and women serving in the Police Department are to prevent criminal activity and to provide day to day police services within our community. Officers of the Stockbridge precinct of Henry County Police Department work to promote and preserve order, defend citizens from imminent physical harm, respond to requests for protective service, and resolve conflicts between individuals and groups. Harold L. Cochran Public Safety Center

The Henry County Police Department has several divisions and sections which serve our community, each an integral part of the Police Department. Some of the divisions include:

  • Uniform Division (Police Patrol)
  • Criminal Investigation Division
  • Evidence and Crime Scene Section
  • Communications Division
  • Records Section
  • S.W.A.T. Unit (The Special Weapons and Tactics Team)
  • P.R.O.W.L. Unit (Drug Interdiction on State and County Highways)
  • Narcotics Unit
  • Traffic Division (Specialized Traffic Enforcement and Traffic Accident Investigation)
  • Support Services (Neighborhood Watch, Etc.)
  • Juvenile Unit (Juvenile Cases)

If a crime is in process, if there is a reason to believe there is imminent risk of injury to yourself or any other person, or if a crime has just occurred and you need immediate assistance, you need only dial 911 on your phone. Coins are not needed to dial 911 from pay phones. When police assistance is needed, but no immediate emergency exists (there is no reason to believe danger is present or a crime is no longer in process) you are requested to dial (770) 957-9121, which is the non emergency telephone number of the Henry County Police Department.

Crime apprehension is not the sole purpose of law enforcement. The prevention of crime is perhaps an even greater concern. The Crime Prevention Unit provides members of the Community with a wide variety of crime prevention services.

    Stockbridge Precinct

    Stockbridge Police Precinct:

    (770) 288-8239


    Non-Emergency Number:

    (770) 957-9121



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