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Water Reclamation Facility

The Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) treats wastewater that comes from the City of Stockbridge. Staffed with four employees, the award winning facility is capable of treating up to 1.5 MG/D.


WWTP Pools  

The WRF won the GAWP plant of the year in 2005, 2006 and has won several other awards over the past 10 years. The City and its employees are dedicated to serving and protecting our environment and downstream water users.   


Overview on how the water facility works

  • Sewage is treated by physical and biological means.
  • Trash and debris are removed.
  • Sewage is mixed in a basin with biological activity where bacteria consume the waste. The trick to the process is to keep the bacteria happy with the correct amount of oxygen, food, and the environmental conditions.
  • The water that comes from the biological tanks is the run though filters and UV disinfection before we send it to Brush Creek and downstream water users.
  • The waste sludge from the plant is then treated to the extent that we can apply it to farmers hay and grazing fields which reduces our operating cost.

More info on wastewater treatment- The WRF is 20 years old and is in need of and upgrade which the City is in the process of in phases. But in spite of the age, the plant does a good job of treating sewage. The plant consistently meets permit requirements.


Updates on the belt press- The Plans and specifications have gone to the state and they returned them with their issues. The issues have been addressed and the plans are now back in the state hands. Will take 2 or 3 more weeks with the state and then the City should be able to start the bidding process on the Belt Press.





    Decius T. Aaron - Public Works Director

    Phone: 770-474-0972


    Brad Holtsinger

    Water Reclamation Supervisor


    (770) 474-1232 or



     7am – 4pm

     7am – 12pm

    After Hours Emergency:
    Call 911


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