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Signs and Banners

Business Signs

Permanent business signs are handled through Community Development. This includes any temporary banner signs. The maximum size for temporary signs is 32 square feet of signable area with a maximum height of 8 feet. Apply at 4602 N. Henry Blvd, Stockbridge, GA 30281 or contact Christine Chavis at  678)833-3338  Via Email: .


Yard/Garage Sale Signs                                                                                    

Yard/Garage Sale signs may be placed in the yard of the resident who is hosting the yard sale. No signs may be posted within the Right-of-Way (ROW). Yard Sale signs may be placed in the one day prior to the event and must be removed no later than one day after the event. Yard Sale signs may be placed on other people's property only with the permission of the property owner or resident. See City ordinances 9.28.010 for more information regarding Yard Sales or call 770-389-7900 to obtain a permit.



Signs in the Right-of-Way

It is illegal under state and local law to place any signs in the right-of-way of roads. The signs will be removed and the offenders prosecuted. These signs pose a safety problem for drivers and pedestrians. Signs distract motorists, create blind spots, and present hazards for maintenance crews. The nails, screws and tacks used to place signs on utility poles are hazards for utility workers. In addition to the safety issue, the signs detract from the appearance of our roadways making the City and our neighborhoods look trashy. Please report any violations to Code Enforcement.




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